Paint Restoration

Make your car look new again! Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Paint Restoration Kit is the simple answer to restoring the beauty of aging auto paint.

Wash the car – The first step is to give the exterior of your car a thorough cleaning. You need to get rid of all that debris that your car routinely collects when it’s out on the road. We’re talking not just about dirt, but also oil, fingerprints, bugs, and all those other random particles that somehow became attached to your car. Dawn dishwashing liquid is good for this purpose, but you can use whatever gets the job done. To make extra sure you’re as clean as possible, consider washing your car twice before doing any further work on it.

Remove surface contaminants – So, now you’ve completely washed your vehicle and gotten rid of all that dirt—or have you? What many people do not realize is that simple washing will not remove surface contaminants from their vehicle.

Surface contaminants comprise a wide range of particles from various sources: airborne pollutants, soot, tar, splattered bugs, paint overspray, and much more. Some of these contaminants are not even visible to the eye—but they’re certainly present, and they interfere with your ability to get that pristine shine you want on your car.

Now you will need to get some detailing clay; you can find a number of options at your local auto shop, like Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Detailing Clay and Meguiars Professional Detailing Clay. Detailing clay is a crucial component of the car paint restoration process. This magical stuff can remove contaminants in a way that does not harm your paint, and it works best in conjunction with some clay lubricant (also available at your otocarelimited). Be sure to follow the directions provided.

Repair the paint – Now you should inspect your car for signs of paint damage, like scratches. If you have a minor scratch that affects only the clear coat, then you can fix it with some rubbing compound, available at otocarelimited.

Make your car glossy – You will need to get rid of those tiny scratches and swirl marks, and you can do that by applying some car polish. Suitable car polishes available on the market include Four Star Ultimate PreWax Cleaner and 3M One Step Cleaner Wax, among many others. Consider buying a rotary or dual-action polisher to help you with this, as it tends to produce better results than hand application.

Apply sealant – By now, your paint should appear pretty crisp, but you need to ensure that it stays that way as long as possible. That’s what paint sealant can do for you; these are easy to apply and will protect your car for months. One brand is Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze, which will last up to a year after application. Another popular option is Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0.