Rust Repair

The service of removing rust is available at OTO CARE.

Rust appears on the body due to the effect of reagents, temperature extremes, high humidity and due to natural wear of the protective coating of body parts. It affects mainly open metal parts of the body, which are in contact with moisture:

  • Narches
  • Ndoors
  • Nthe lower part of the wings
  • Ncalipers
  • Ntank.

Contact us for rust repair as soon as you notice the problem. In severe cases, the damaged part cannot be repaired, and at that point, we will replace it.

We choose the repair method based on the severity of damage to the body parts and their size. Our specialists use chemical compounds, working with specialized equipment. Upon completion of the work, we carry out anti-corrosion treatment.

Reasons to contact us:

  • Nbest value for all services
  • Nprofessional equipment
  • Nexperienced, qualified specialists
  • Nfast, accurate diagnostics.

We work with cars of any makes and models and repair defects of any complexity.

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