Hail Damage Repair

Repairing hail damage

We fix the hail damage on any part of the car. The type of repair work depends on the severity of the damage. It can be:
  • Nminor shallow scratches
  • Nchips without dents
  • Ndents without damage to paintwork
  • Ndeep dents, damaged paintwork and glass.

Horizontal surfaces receive the most damage, as they absorb all the shock. The sides can be covered with scratches, as the hail touches them tangentially.

Some of the defects do not appear serious, but they still need to be fixed, as soon as possible. For example, in the place of a chip on the paintwork, a corrosion center will appear over time. And the crack in the windshield will grow larger and obstruct view.

Contact OTO CARE to repair hail damage. We fix minor and serious damage. Our services:

  • Nputty, painting, priming
  • Nstraightening without painting
  • Nreplacement of car body parts.
We will determine the best way to repair hail damage and calculate the cost of services. We offer our customers the best value for all types of work and a warranty for our repair work.

Call us or fill out the form to make an appointment. We will inspect your car and access the damage for FREE.