Glass Repair

Automotive glass repair usually involves repairing scratches, chips, cracks and other defects. Our specialists can even remove dents and through holes. You do not have to completely change the glass, which is more expensive and takes more time.

The most fragile part of a car is the windshield. Defects appear on it for various reasons:

  • Ntemperature differences
  • Nmechanical impact
It must be repaired in order for the driver to have unobstructed view. Side and rear windows suffer less often, but also need to be repaired when damaged. Window damage can lead:
  • Nspoil the general appearance of the ca
  • Nover time will lead to complete destruction of glass
  • Nmake it easier for thieves to get into the car

OTO CARE’s specialists repair the windshield and side car windows. We repair defects and restore glass, avoiding replacement. For this, we use professional equipment and materials.

We work with cars of American, European and Asian manufacturers, we give a warranty for repairs and always meet the agreed deadlines. If it is not impossible to repair the glass, we will replace it with the original one from the manufacturer.

We offer our customers the best value for all works and give a warranty for the repair. Call us or fill out the above form.