Frame Straightening

Frame damage occur as a result of an accident. This is a serious damage but can be corrected without having to replace it. Contact OTO CARE as soon as possible if you have frame damage. Problems with the frame can cause changes of your car`s aerodynamics, deterioration of handling, and other dangerous consequences.

Contact OTO CARE for straightening the frame. What we offer:

  • Nwe work with any types of frames (uni-body frames and ladder frames
  • Nwe fully comply with the technical requirements of the car manufacturers
  • Nwe have more than 5+ years of experience.

At OTO CARE, we work with frames of all pasenger cars. We fix any types of curvature, including lateral, diagonal, vertical bends and twists.

Frame alignment is performed by specialists who work with frames every day, learning about new technologies, improving knowledge regularly.

We provide best offer to our customers for frame straightening. The exact cost is determined after a diagnostic and is calculated.

Call us or fill out the above form – we will make an appointment at your convenient time for a free inspection.