Exterior Body Services

Removing dents

Most dents, even large ones, can be easily repaired. But car owners consider removing dents to be a simple task and decide to do it themselves. It is good if you have experience and equipment. Otherwise, an attempt to eliminate the dent on your own would aggravate the problems:
  • Npaintwork is damaged
  • Nmetal is damaged

Consider using the services of specialists at OTO CARE. We carry out paint-free removal of dents according to a well-established method, using accurate and reliable mini-lifters, glue, reverse pistols, fungi from top manufacturers. Contact us to eliminate small and large dents in 1-2 days at the best value.

We work with all types of cars. Our specialists of OTO CARE will effectively solve the problem of dents on any vehicle. We offer our customers the best value and warranty for all types of repairs. We carry out fast and accurate diagnostics and always meet the deadlines.

The cost of removing dents at OTO CARE is calculated for each customer individually, based on the size of the defect, their severity and other factors.

Contact us by phone or using the contact form – we will make an appointment and will diagnose your car for free.