Collision Repair

Repairing a vehicle after a collision is in most cases a complex and extensive task. It is necessary to restore the geometry of the body and its parts, as well as other work, such as replacing the radiator.

Minor to medium damage usually resolve quickly. Specialists repair damaged body parts and change a broken windshield and headlights.

Severe damage takes longer to repair. Often the front mounting plate has to be changed and sometimes the engine has to be removed. The shock load is distributed over all the power elements, the body is severely damaged, and the some parts can be displaced. Such problems can be fixed only if there are experienced specialists and professional equipment. We have both at OTO CARE.

Reasons to request a car collision repair service:

  • Nwe have proper equipment and carry out accurate diagnostics and high-quality repairs in case of damage of any nature
  • Nwe accept cars of any manufacturers
  • Nwe offer our services even in difficult cases and repair minor and severe defects
  • Nwe offer our clients the best value for all our services

At OTO CARE, we work with original spare parts and meet the deadlines. When finished, you will have a fully functional car.

The cost of work is calculated individually after a free diagnostic. Call us if you have any questions.

  • Nwe repair, replace damaged body parts
  • Nwe restore the paintwork
  • Ncorrect the geometry of the car body.

Our company focuses on providing quality repair job on time.

Speed ​​and quality are not the only advantages of our car service. Motorists choose OTO CARE for other advantages: