Auto Body Restoration

Body repair

Our body repair service will restore the damage caused by minor traffic accidents.

This service is requested if there are minor and serious damages on the car body. Even small changes can affect the car handling, which will lead to consequences, and can:

  • Naccelerate tire wear
  • Ninfluence the behavior of the car on sharp turns
  • Ncause the appearance of corrosion.

If your car requires a high-quality body repair, make an appointment with our specialist at OTO CARE. We work with cars of any manufacturers, and carry out work of any complexity:

  • Nwe repair, replace damaged body parts
  • Nwe restore the paintwork
  • Ncorrect the geometry of the car body.

Our company focuses on providing quality repair job on time.

Speed ​​and quality are not the only advantages of our car service. Motorists choose OTO CARE for other advantages:

  • Nbest value
  • Nextended warranty
  • Ncertified materials and equipment.

The cost of repairs is provided individually after a diagnostic. Contact us now to get a FREE diagnostic. You can schedule an appointment by phone or by filling above form.