Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics

Engine inspection and diagnostics

It is necessary to carry out a preventive inspection and engine diagnostic every 10-15 thousand miles, depending on the operating conditions of the car. It’s better to find hidden malfunctions that may manifest themselves over time during a routine inspection, before they lead to a serious problems. The consequences of mechanical failures can vary, but most of them are not pleasant.

Diagnostic will help determine the remaining service life of the engine. This is important when buying a used car or before selling it.

An inspection and diagnostic should be carried out when the driver detects signs of engine malfunctions:

  • Ndecrease in engine performance
  • Nincreased fuel consumption
  • Nexhaust fumes turned black or gray
  • Nduring engine operation, extraneous noise is heard
  • NCheck engine” light is ON
  • NWarming up takes longer than usual.

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