Transmission Repair

Transmission repair in NP

For its correct operation, regular professional maintenance of transmission is required, and in the event of a breakdown, high-quality repair is needed.

The reasons for the breakdown may be as follows:

  • Nphysical wear of parts
  • Ncareless driving
  • Nroad accident
  • Nuse of low-quality spare parts and low-quality oil.

Whatever the reason, a transmission repair should be requested as soon as possible. Otherwise, driving becomes dangerous both for the driver and for others.

We will repair a breakdown of any complexity at OTO CARE. We have professional equipment for diagnostics and high-quality repair of transmissions in case of breakdowns of any nature. Contact us if you start to notice signs of breakage:

  • Nburning smell
  • Nreduced ride smoothness, increased sensitivity of the car
  • Nproblems with the transmission
  • Noil leak

We carry out dismantling and disassembly of the transmission, as well as its troubleshooting, restoration of the operability of all units, assembly, installation and adjustment.

The cost of work and the repair time frame at OTO CARE depend on the nature of the breakdown. We value our customers and offer the best value for our services and always meet the agreed deadlines.

Please call us or fill out the above form. We will diagnose the problem in person for free and offer a solution.