Suspension Services

Suspension repair

The car handling, stability and traffic safety depend on the condition of the suspension. It is important to monitor the condition and carry out repairs in a timely manner.

You can determine it’s time to take the car to an auto service by the following signs:

  • Nduring turning or braking, the body shakes and sways
  • Nwhile driving, the driver feels vibration under her feet
  • Nstrange noises while driving
  • Nfast and asymmetrical abrasion of tires
  • Na drop in their resistance to compression

If you notice any of these signs, contact OTO CARE for a diagnostic of suspension.

Our specialists work with any make and models. We have years of experience, as well as professional equipment and tools.

Our specialists are able to perform repairs of any complexity. We can replace parts, if necessary. Our goal is to provide the best quality at reasonable prices.

The cost of repairing a suspension depends on the nature of the breakdown and the amount of work needed, and is calculated for each customer individually.

Contact OTO CARE. We have been dealing with various types of suspension for 5+ years; we will diagnose a problem with your car and fix it quickly.