Steering & Handling Services

Repair of the steering system

It is time to visit an auto service, if you notice the following signs:
  • N when turning quickly, the steering wheel turns hard
  • Nknocking in the steering rack
  • Nthere is a feeling of heaviness in the center of the steering wheel
  • Nthe steering wheel does not return well to the center position and vibrates

Any of these manifestations can indicate a serious problem, which makes driving the car unsafe. If you find any of the symptoms above, contact OTO CARE. We offer the following services for the repair of the steering system:

  • Nrestoration or replacement of steering racks
  • Nrepair and replacement of power steering (hydraulic, electrical
  • Nreplacement of steering tips, crosses
  • N changing the oil in the hydraulic system.

Our company employs experienced specialists who improve their qualifications regularly. They use professional equipment and tools. If, as part of the repair of the steering system, replacement of parts is required, we will provide high quality, reliable spare parts.

Regardless of your car manufacturer, we will repair the steering strictly within the agreed time frame. In addition to the speed and quality of our work, OTO CARE offers an extended warranty and the best value for all services.

We will create a proposal a diagnostic. Please call us or fill out the above form to make an appointment. The diagnostic is free.