Brake Services

Brake system repair

When the braking system has an issue, please do not drive; this is one of the most dangerous breakdowns. This part of the car needs regular maintenance. If something is wrong, please call a tow truck and take the car to a service station.

It is important to know the symptoms of a brake system malfunction. If you notice any of the followings, you need to immediately contact an auto repair shop for a diagnostic and repair:

  • Ndeviation of the vehicle from straight-line movement when braking
  • Nvibration, large brake pedal travel or reduced effort on it
  • Ngrinding and other unusual noise during braking
  • Nlow brake fluid level.

Symptoms may arise due to not proper operation poor quality of parts, wear or damage to its elements. Whatever the cause and nature of the breakdown, the specialists of OTO CARE will deal with them, offer high-quality repairs and return the car with a fully functional brake system.

We carry out accurate computer diagnostics in order to find possible hidden damage, among other problems. Even a large-scale repair of the braking system and other car units in our auto service remains affordable, offering our clients the best value. We confirm this with an extended warranty for all services.

For this, we have specialized equipment, experienced, qualified specialists and an understanding of the importance of quality service for our clients. We work with cars of any manufacturers.

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