Express MaintenanceTrolley

Facilities / Advantage
  • Improvement in Bay Productivity.
  • Safe Working Condition & Reduction in Human Efforts.
  • Wheel Dismantling & Assembling in Shortest Time.
  • Ease in Operation thru Pneumatically operated Plateform.
  • Multiple Pneumatic Outlet for Operating Pneumatic Tools, Tyre In/Deflator, Air Below Gun.
  • Brake Bleeding System with Brake Fluid Reservior.
  • Provision to Keep Tyre to Improve The Efficiency By Reducing Technician Movement.
  • Unique Concept to Facilitate Technician To Carry out All Service Jobs at Single Station Safely.
  • Reduce Fatigue & Ease in Dismantling / Assembling & Lifting Wheel During Wheel & Brake Service.
  • Provision For Tyre Pressure Filling & Checking System.
  • Easy Wheel Rotation & Examination For Any Wear & Tear By Rollers on Support Arms.
  • Provision For Pneumatic Tools to Open Nut & Bolts, Air Below Gun for Cleaning.
  • Improvement in CSI sby Reduction In Run Down Time thru Quality Service