Express Maintenance Trolley


  • Pneumatic Cylinder.
  • Tools Shelf with Insert
  • Up Switch for Wheel
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Trolley Pushing Handle
  • PU Coil Hose for Brake Bleeder
  • Tools Tray
  • Parts Tray
  • Brake Bleeder
  • Castor Wheel
  • Wheel Support Hook
  • Wheel Support Roller
  • Sliding Tray -Cleaning Brake Pad
  • Down Switch for Wheel
  • Ratchet Wrench Holder
  • Pneumatic Gun Holder
  • Pu Coil Hose Holder
  • FRL Unit
  • Brake Bleeder Reservoir
  • Trolley Foot Brake
Introduction of Advance EM Trolley to Improve the EM Bay Productivity & to Increase the Fortuner units Served in EM
1. Advance EM Trolley is Specially Develop to Support EM to Service the Vehicle in Short Time.
2. Advance EM Trolley is Designed with Provision to Keep All Necessaries Tools Required for Service,Multiple Pneumatic Outlet, Brake Fluid Bleeding System &Provision to Keep Tyre to Improve the Efficiency by Reducing the Technician Movement & Tool Searching Time.
3. Technician Find it Difficult to Lift Up The Fortuner WheelBENEFITS
1. Use Pneumatic System to Lift the Tyre During Vehicle Maintenance.
2. Improvement in Technician Productivity.
3. Safe working Condition & Reduce Human Efforts.